Practical balcony garden designs that range from the simple to the mad, blurring the line between reality and what is typically reserved for the worlds of science fiction and steampunk.

What Type of Farm Do You Fantasize About?

Start your homesteading journey and learn homesteading skills on your balcony. Beyond helping you create your dream homestead design; If you want this to be more than a hobby, we also provide business and marketing support, to help you make your balcony homestead profitable.

Livestock Operation

Raise your own meat, eggs, honey, and feed for your livestock on your own balcony with far less space than you might expect.

25 artisinal beans layed out in a grid, each is unique. Top row are light robins egg blue, second row beige, thirf row brown, and the last two rows are pinks.

Seed Farm

Cultivate, breed, and save seeds. Select varieties that thrive on balconies then join our network of seed stewards.

Essential Oil Farm

Grow lavender, rosemary, geraniums, and more, and infuse them into oils that nurture you and those you care about.

6 different types of herbs laid out in bunches on a white background

Herb Farm

Your neighbors are just as outraged by the price of fresh herbs at the grocery store as you are. Become a source of accessible, high-quality herbs for your community.

Designs To Sooth Frayed Nerves

City living is hard on all animals (including humans)! We are all meant to connect deeply with nature, and these designs allow you to do just that.

Woman relaxing enveloped in foliage


Inspired by my own neurodivergence, this space is designed for grounding and centering. Envelop yourself in foliage designed to engage and soothe all the senses.

Dog Lover


A comfortable and engaging spot for your dog to sniff, nap, and, if necessary, relieve themselves.

Cat Lover


An enclosed multi-level jungle where your cat can explore, relax, and decompress from the stresses of city living. And, if conditions allow for full-time balcony access, there’s no better place for a litterbox than outdoors!

Wildlife Lover

Butterfly Garden

A habitat for native pollinators and an oasis for migrating butterflies. Watch the enchanting activities of butterflies as they navigate the plants, nurture their young, and ultimately embark on the next leg of their journey.

Houseplants in a corner, layered
Custom Design

Design The Landscape of Your Dreams

Let’s create the interior or exterior greenery landscape you have been dreaming about. We work within the constrainst of the space you have to design a landcape you love. 

Learn to DIY

Meet the Designer

I am Socrates. A permaculutrist and balcony landscape designer with a love for heirloom seeds. My designs range from the obvious, easy to implement to the mad, which thin the line between reality and what is usually reserved for the world of science fiction and steam punk. What I create is a direct result of my life experinces, education, and imagination.

Over the past few decades I have lived in skyscrapers, rural farms and everything in between across the Americas and Europe- almost everywhere I planted a garden. Over the course of this time I accumulated five years of agricultural experince and education. 

Schedule a Complimentary Design Consult

Let’s design a different kind of space which will add depth and fullfilment to your daily life.